About Me

I’m Xiaohan Zhang. I’m here to write about my creative coding experiences using Processing with Scala.

My goal is to create a sketch every couple of days, sharing my coding experiences along the way.

My interests: generative content, emergent systems, interactive installations, fractals, self-organizing patterns, AI, aesthetic visualizations, psychology, education, games, tree/graph/algebra-like structures, physics simulations, better UI, music, elegant language constructs, alternative methods of specifying data, library design.

I am an undergrad at UC Berkeley pursuing a major in EECS with a minor in music.

I’m at hellochar.com.
Find my code at Github.
Older sketches are on OpenProcessing.
I have a Tumblr where I post Stuff I Like.

You may contact me at:
hellocharlien (at) hotmail (dot) com

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